Sync your customers from Prestashop to inMobile

With inMobile's customer sync to PrestaShop, you can easily and quickly get started sending out SMS campaigns to your customers.

Once the integration is set up, the information on the customers who have “accepted marketing” at checkout in your webshop is automatically synchronized to a self-selected list in inMobile. From here, you can easily and quickly send SMS messages to your customers with great deals and discounts.

It does not take many minutes to set up the integration with the help of our user-friendly step-guide.

Sync your customers from Prestashop to inMobile

Abandoned Cart SMS to Prestashop

The term “Abandoned Cart” is used about the potential customers who put items in the basket in a webshop, fill in the contact information but leave the webshop again without completing the purchase.

As something new, inMobile has developed a tool that can help you get these customers back to check-out in a simple and easy way. The tool is called Abandoned Cart SMS. When a potential customer leaves a filled basket, inMobile automatically sends an SMS reminder to them. In the SMS message, there is a link that guides the customer back to the filled basket so that he or she can complete the purchase.

The integration is quick and easy to set up, and you decide for yourself what should be in the SMS message and how long it should take from the customer leaving the basket until the SMS reminder should be sent.

  • 68% leave the basket without completing the purchase.
  • Get the customer back to checkout with Abandoned Cart SMS.
  • Easy and fast setup.
  • Runs completely automatically.
Abandoned Cart SMS to Prestashop
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At, we successfully use abandoned SMSs to convert baskets to customers. SMS generally has a much higher opening rate than e-mail, but at the same time we also experience a significantly higher CTR. We get an average of DKK 9.9 in turnover for each abandoned SMS we send.

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