Sync your customers from Klaviyo to inMobile

The integration between Klaviyo and inMobile ensures that your lists and segments are always in sync, so you can quickly and easily send offer campaigns to all or parts of your customer list - e.g. in connection with birthdays, Black Friday or other anniversaries.

An opening rate of 98% makes SMS an accurate channel. Your messages are delivered directly to your customer via the SPAM filter, and your campaign is typically seen within the first 3 minutes.

You can further personalize the content by merging the customers' names into the SMS message and segmenting the content so that your message hits the right target group.

Sync your customers from Klaviyo to inMobile

Set up automatic "trigger" flows - activate customers and sell more

With inMobile SMS automation, you can set up automatic trigger flows and send personal SMS messages to your customers based on your segmented data in Klaviyo. When a customer is added to a segment in Klaviyo, inMobile automatically sends one or more SMS messages with relevant content to that segment.

Klaviyo contains a wide range of features that lift your efforts in the e-mail channel and with the integration to inMobile, you have the same functionality with SMS.

  • Go deep with personalized product recommendations and use your Klaviyo customer data to build dynamic segments. inMobile synchronizes the segments and sends personalized product recommendations and value-creating messages directly to your customer using automatic flows.
  • Set up a welcome flow and let customers know you're thinking of them. Offer unique discount codes, send warm greetings and more that make the onboarding experience unique.
  • Activate customers who have not shopped with you for a long time. Create a segment in Klaviyo and create an automatic flow in inMobile.
  • Use SMS as a tool for effective retargeting. By creating a segment and adding customers who have looked at the same category multiple times within a defined period of time, it is easy to target messages with personalized content.
  • Win customers back with Abandoned Cart SMS. You decide when the SMS message is to be sent and formulate the content of the message yourself. With Abandoned Cart SMS, the customer is directed back to the card page and can complete the purchase.
Set up automatic "trigger" flows - activate customers and sell more
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At Rito.dk, we successfully use abandoned SMSs to convert baskets to customers. SMS generally has a much higher opening rate than e-mail, but at the same time we also experience a significantly higher CTR. We get an average of DKK 9.9 in turnover for each abandoned SMS we send.

Kasper Toxvig

Marketingmedarbejder, Rito.dk

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