Integration til Dropboy

Dropboy is a Danish-developed system that makes everyday life easier for companies with distribution.

With inMobile's integration, SMS messages are automatically sent with tracking information about the individual shipment. The rules for when and what to send to the recipient of the shipment are easily defined in Dropboy.

The integration is quick and easy to set up and it runs completely automatically.

  • 98% read text messages.
  • 90% read the SMS within five minutes.
  • The recipient of a shipment today expects to be updated on a shipment via SMS.
Integration til Dropboy
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At Rito.dk, we successfully use abandoned SMSs to convert baskets to customers. SMS generally has a much higher opening rate than e-mail, but at the same time we also experience a significantly higher CTR. We get an average of DKK 9.9 in turnover for each abandoned SMS we send.

Kasper Toxvig

Marketingmedarbejder, Rito.dk

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