Email to SMS

Send a text message via your own email

Email to SMS allows you to send text messages directly from your email program. You can send SMS messages without having to log in to your inMobile account.

How to set up email to SMS

  1. Log into the website, go to "Send SMS", and find the option "E-mail til SMS".
  2. Here you'll need to whitelist either a domain, or a specific emailaddress. If you're whitelisting a domain, you'll need to prepend it the an @ sign. For example: "". Please note, that a domain can only be whitelisted on one account at a time.
  3. After this is done, you can send an email to the following address:
    "" where "MSISDN" is the MSISDN of the recipient you want to send to. An MSISDN consists of both a country code, and a phonenumber. For example: if you want to send a message to the danish number 12345678, you would have to send and email to ""

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